Bitcoin significant trades

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Bitcoin significant trades

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The currency jumps borders with ease, where other currencies encounter friction. If more people use bitcoin at once, the network becomes congested and payments slow down.

Behind the scenes, developers around the world are working on the Lightning Network to fix these problems so that more people, maybe one day even millions, can all use bitcoin regularly without seeing a spike in fees and sluggish transactions. All that said, some Nigerians are becoming reliant on using bitcoin as a way to trade internationally, and are finding bitcoin has significant benefits over legacy financial systems. Nigerian bitcoin entrepreneur Chimezie Chuta has another theory for why some are using bitcoin for trade with China and beyond.

Like most other countries in an increasingly globalized world, Nigeria imports a significant percentage of the goods that it uses. Food industry, drugs, you name it, construction equipment, cars.

Nigerians have to struggle with this process, though. In Nigeria, finding U. This phenomenon has been covered in Bloomberg , for instance. This is one of the other reasons Ezike has turned to bitcoin as an alternative. He decided to use bitcoin after experiencing mounting frustration with current banking limitations, especially their impact on global trade.

All this trade with bitcoin is happening behind the scenes. For one, the legality of cryptocurrency is fuzzy in the region. No swings until bids hit at the low or we clean break BTC Intraday has been two-way trading now for a bit so nothing changes there. Could you be next big winner? I consent to my submitted data being collected and stored. It has caused All Rights Reserved.

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