Btc markets poli payments down

BTC Markets offers two methods through which you can fund your account: Osko and Bpay. AUD deposits made through both Osko and Bpay are free when using BTC Markets. POLi payments, debit or credit card payments aren’t supported. If you want to make a deposit using Osko, first, sign in to your account and find the menu labeled ‘Deposit.’. BREAKING: BTC Markets locking accounts after POLi payments reversed to customers who already bought and transferred BTC. Transfer everything out ASAP. May well be a fatal issue. We have been advised that the last batch of POLi payments have been reversed. Jul 25,  · To access your tax report. Log in to your BTC Markets account. Select ‘Account’ and then ‘ Tax Report ’. Read and accept the general disclaimer.; Download your tax and wallet re ports.; If you have any questions regarding the tax re port, please ensure you have carefully read through the general disclaimer first b efore submitting your support request.

Btc markets poli payments down

Tax report – BTC Markets

It's not that risky. Then when your hardware wallet Ledger Nano S or Trezor comes, set them up and then move the crypto from the exchange into the hardware wallets. Nice advice, spot on. I'd go a Nano S myself. I have a Trezor, love it but Nano S supports many more coins. Why people still buy BTC? Its useless now due to high fees, and the Core devs and Blockstream have done all this shit on purpose. BTC do have plans in place to address these issues e. Whether it goes through smoothly is yet to be seen, but when investing, the solution to uncertainty is diversification.

You cannot scale Bitcoin by not using Bitcoin system and end up using a completely different, and centralised, system. Get that into your head. Lightning is not Bitcoin. Unfortunately BCH is a fraud. Many have fallen for it as they have very effective Trump style social media campaigns. Projection much? Please explain how a decentralized ledger with the same pedigree as BTC is fraudulent?

SegWit is a hack of Bitcoin and an Altcoin does not follow digital chain of signatures rule of Bitcoin system. Might cost you a little in network fees, but better than risking it all on BTC Market's future right now. Might well be nothing to worry about, but why would you keep funds there when they are possibly at risk? Forced account closures from banks isn't a new thing in the crypto-biz world.. This is then followed by a period of time given by the bank, to allow the customer "sufficient time" to make other banking arrangements.

Unfortunately, there is no specification on how much "sufficient time" should equal to, so it is extremely easy for a bank's legal team to worm their way out of this, if they give say 2 minutes notice. Judging by the reaction of BTCMarkets, very minimal time was given to make alternative arrangements - if at all! It almost seems like the account was closed without their knowledge something, which unfortunately, the bank is legally allowed to do, if they can justify that the account poses an immediate risk to their system or services, or they believe the account is being used in an illegal matter.

My account is fine They probably will recoup losses from the locked accounts? I don't see how this could be the case, at least not if you control the private key of the addresses you send to. All addresses and their private keys are valid for either blockchain, so you can't send BCH to a BTC Core address, as it'll just get sent to the same address, just on the BCH blockchain. Mind you, it's not a good idea to do this anyway, since importing the private key of either the BTC Core address or the equivalent BCH address renders the address on the other blockchain insecure.

Bet to keep entirely separate addresses for each fork. Don't know anything about armoury. It takes about 30 seconds to create a new wallet though, so not sure what the issue is. This is pretty bad if true. At first I thought it might just be competition pushing bad news but after looking at the twitter posts it's not looking good. I've done one Poli payment on 22nd, my bank shows it as gone through, today I see same amount back in my account, I have no idea where it came from, then after I get email from BTC Markets, do I see it was from their bank, refusing to do the transfer.

Now my account is locked Something is dodgy here, CoinSpot now allowing new deposits now till sometimes into , now this shit No surprise at all. This place would be better without this never ending debate from vested people, hopefully the mods keep it out of here, if people want to argue this stupid shit forever they can easily do it in one of the two subs.

The miners got what they wanted, all the layer 2 people got what they wanted, move the fuck on and make your coin the best it can be instead of being petty. Yeah, I know them both all too well. Everyone should know this. Any place someone involved or wants to get involved in Bitcoin, should know the origins of Bitcoin, its intention, the scaling history We need to put a stop to that About two exchanges changed it to Bcash, then one of them, I think Bitfinex, changed it back after a week or two.

And what exactly do "bcash fanboys" deserve? Are you seriously 12? This whole bashing of BCH is so fucking petty and ridiculous. Bitstamp, bitfinex and all major exchanges call it Bitcoin Cash and not bcash. You are not only wrong but very demonstrably wrong. Says the guy stuck in the Blockstream bubble. Maybe if you step outside it, you could see that if Bitcoin was released today, it would be laughed out of the room.

I seriously hope btc crashes due to what those assholes at core have done. Dumbass, you are fucked over in your head, I don't go into the porn subs,, my head is not fucked over like yours. Keep the teenage name drama out of this sub please. You've already drawn one person in to start trolling you and fallen for it. What teenage name drama? I am not the one using derogative propaganda labels.

And if you are referring to me calling them bastards, well they are not in literal meaning, but you know this already. My account was locked from this, has anyone successfully unlocked their account following the BPay steps provided by BTCMarkets?

Was your account reinstated in the same state it was in before or did the BPay payment reappear as AUD? I just had mine unlocked, I think they are overwhelmed.

It has taken overnight, a few emails and a few twitter back and forths before I asked them to DM me and was immediately unlocked.

Just keep asking them I suppose - good luck hope it works out for all. Thanks for the info. I spoke with a friend earlier who made the max POLi transfer and bought BTC, transferring to another exchange right away. His POLi transaction was then reversed. So he basically got free BTC. BTC Markets has since emailed and asked him to pay them back. Apparently, this is not an isolated issue and there are many customers with the same problem as you can see on the link.

While I don't use BTC Markets, I would transfer and crypto on there and withdraw any cash immediately just to be safe. You don't want to be the last guy off the ship. They have already begun locking people's accounts. His account has been locked out, so he can't even get on to check his account history or anything apparently. I've advised him it would be a pretty good idea to pay the money back to them once BTC markets explains the situation properly. They have his ID and info afterall, a debt collector is probably what BTC markets will use to recover funds not paid back immediately.

I highly doubt it. The guy will pay them anyway. Just wants a proper and clear explanation of what happened from BTC markets. They don't get to re-request payment without being damn well clear about what happened. They don't get to play little games like that. What problem exactly? I'm not advising anyone of anything other than to avoid an exchange that is facing possible issues. You don't want to have any assets on an exchange that goes down.

As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank. Read the original Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto. See a list of past AMAs here. If you are interested in having your own AMA, please message the mods and let us know. Get Started with Bitcoin.

Transfer everything out ASAP. May well be a fatal issue. BTC Markets is one big pile of shit They just blocked my account today as one of the Poli payments I made on 22nd was refused by their bank not my bank, my bank did the payment as normal. They are now preventing me form accessing my BCH in the exchange. This one for me strike 2 from them, strike 1 was them using Bcash propaganda label, and not wanting it to change it to Bitcoin Cash, even after lot of people asked them to change it.

They also blocked me on twitter when I tweeted on their page that they should change the Bcash to Bitcoin Cash. To be fair poli payments works by taking your banking username and password, logging into your bank as you and sending the money somewhere. Secure much I completely stopped using them after 0. That and the fact they still have bch labeled bcash. It's a service in Australia and New Zealand that you basically hand it your bank login details sounds dodgy and it logs in to your bank and makes the payment for you and tells the service you have paid so you can shop online without using a Visa card.

The main benefit of poli is Aus is that it's near instant transfer to the exchange to buy crypto. None of the Aussie exchanges accept credit cards aside from coinbase but that's a steep charge. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Find the latest Bitcoin Futures,Dec (BTC=F) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing. BTC Markets announces Caroline Bowler as CEO; NPP Withdrawals at BTC Markets ; Advanced Order Types; BTC Markets 17th Largest Exchange Globally; Tax Reporting Now Available; Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork ; View all articles. BREAKING: BTC Markets locking accounts after POLi payments reversed to customers who already bought and transferred BTC. Transfer everything out ASAP. May well be a fatal issue. We have been advised that the last batch of POLi payments have been reversed. Tags:Market cycle bitcoin, What time does bitcoin market close, Tutorial trading bitcoin indodax, Algorithmic trading software bitcoin, Bitcoin trader account frozen

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