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Supply: TradingView. If Bitcoin stays on this new channel, it might attain a brand new all-time-high earlier than ends. And as institutional funding will increase, many see this as a vital consider differentiating from Bitcoin is not a novelty created by a bunch of geeks. As an alternative, it’s now seen as a authentic asset. Bitcoin (BTC) geçtiğimiz gün, bir gece içerisinde yaklaşık dolar seviyesine yükseldi. Yazım itibari ile lider kripto para birimi son 24 saatte %3’lük artış ile dolar seviyesinden işlem görüyor. Hisse senetleri ise bugün genel olarak düşüşte. @ltc-joe, what is happening on my print based in Ichimoku Cloud is the following strategy called E2E (EdgeEdge), which is: If the price enters the cloud, there is a probability that it is going to touch the other edge of the cloud. HOWEVER, when price is inside of the cloud, it is a NO TRADE ZONE. So, we are risking and expecting that the price can reach the other side of the edge, which is.

Btc_joe tradingview

Is it time for the correction? for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by ltc-joe — TradingView

So, at what point do all the shorters from last night start to close? And when we break. Comment: Not to mention, if a UASF is coming to bitcoin, while that may be good in the long term and price seems to have reacted well , the actual event to me would represent uncertainty, so that could be all the more reason for btc to drop in the short term.

But we'll see about that one, regardless, feeling great about ltc. Comment: UGH Wang Chung of F2 pool made a comment about withdrawing support for segwit, some of these miners, Charlie and ltc devs communicating with him. Is this guy serious? Comment: No guarantees in the short term here, be careful.

Comment: Grey box is first support, if there is panic, we could see the bottom of the channel which would be around. Everyone's been under a lot of stress. So let's all taek a deep breath.

Comment: As mentioned in the comments, that may be all, or we could go to the grey box before going higher. Short term moves are always tougher to predict. Do you. Still astonished at how unprofessional these guys are but so long as segwit is coming to ltc, we are good IMO. Prohashing has also apparently committed to segwit as well.

Coinbase adding Litecoin. Volume picking up on GDAX. Great things ahead for litecoin. Comment: Lower time frames starting to look okay:. Comment: Bitcoin slowing down, will it break down from its rising wedge, or will it go parabolic? Comment: Looking good for now:. Comment: Starting to look like we may be going to the bottom of the channel. Comment: Was expecting. In before the announcement :. Comment: At resistance now Could just blow through and explode, or could get a bit more sideways first.

But Starting to look like the recent low will hold Comment: Looks like we're ready for take off. Comment: BW joins the party! Comment: Looks like we're getting ready for liftoff:.

Comment: Looks like the triangle is about to break:. Comment: Target mentioned earlier was hit:. Great trade. Can always sell again later. Comment: From now on I will only update this idea realizing there were some updates on my other published idea that I forgot to add here. Top are now officially signaling Comment: If we break the flatter channel we may just shoot right back into the parabolic channel:.

Comment: Quick trade, first target. Comment: Well, orders at. I did think we would head lower, but this recent price action looks promising. Comment: hodling tight for now Comment: That may have been just a nice shake out of weak hands. Bull pennant forming:. Comment: Some nice bull divs here on the 4h Trade active: broke the pennants, looks like the daily channel on RSI will not hold:.

Comment: As I was informed on twitter, it appears my update from this morning was accidentally put in the comments as opposed to a direct update to this chart. Comment: Stubborn chikun don't wanna drop! Comment: Kissed the apex:. Comment: Was that move up just a bull trap? Still bearish and sticking with my trade for now expecting a drop to. Comment: Finally broke down Comment: Something important to be aware of. Comment: Welp, price going against me for now thats for sure, but sticking with this for now.

Something doesn't feel right with bitcoin about to go insanely parabolic, but absolutely could be wrong, and watching eagerly. Just would like to see a bit more before changing my mind, would rather take a bigger loss on the trade and be correct about the market, would be glad to take that loss if ltc is truly about to go nuts as well, which could very well be the case.

Of course if we got some new coinbase or other that would do it for me also. Gluck, do you. Comment: Or will it join the party? That's what i'm watching.

Comment: In case you hadn't heard Coinbase adds support for Litecoin To the moon. Comment: Such mewn much wow. Comment: Litecoin has been on an absolute tear these last two months. I am a huge believer in this coin and believe it has a truly bright future ahead, but looking at the short term, it is time to start thinking about where to take some profits on this trade.

Personally, since I am a huge believer,I have a certain amount of ltc which I will keep for the long term, but I also have had a very big position in this coin and have always intended on taking some profits in bitcoin off the table.

This way, I lock in huge gains in terms of how much bitcoin I have gained for the risk I put in, and then I can win no matter what as I still will have a good amount of skin in the game as well. If you take a look at the original chart and press play, you will see 3 main targets, yellow orange and red, they are still good targets. I think yellow is very likely, and there is a good amount of resistance there. Will we blast straight through and hit orange and eventually red as the fractal shows?

We certainly could, but it would also not be out of the question that we get to yellow, and sellers step in and we eventually get shut down by the descending trendline drawn from the last two major highs. Trade active: some cool down before the end of the week?

Quick trade, first target low. Comment: Closed on the channel break for a small loss, no biggie. Trade active:. Well see. Comment: Possible elliot wave count to keep an eye on wave 3 of 5 may or may not be complete yet :. Comment: Hit the descending trendline on the weekly, careful here.

Comment: Nailed it:. And now fidelity is getting into the space. And ICE, with bakkt. Wallstreet wants in. This is a ticking time bomb.

Once wallstreet picks up what it wants and settles in Sure, some are bearish, some are bullish. Now that wallstreet is getting in deep, they will make SURE there is at least one more run.

Now that they have spent millions of dollars on building infrastructure for the crypto space, they will make sure they get their pound of flesh at the end of the day. They will win either way, as they usually do. Overcast Overcast. Overcast , It's not about "enough money in the world".

It's the value one puts on Bitcoin and what it enables. The question that needs to be asked is whether Bitcoin is more valuable than the entire mining or agricultural sector in the world.

The necessity and benefits of those sectors are apparent. At those high prices the market cap of Bitcoin would exceed those other sectors. What benefit to society would Bitcoin have so that it commands a higher market cap than those other important necessities? If it's not as important, it can't be worth more. So that will limit the growth of Bitcoin as there is a broader cap on its global worth when compared to other things society needs. Ask yourself these 2 questions.

Which one sells for more on the open market? The same can be stated of gold. Gold has a market cap of 8 trillion USD. This is more than 3 times higher than the combined worth of both mining and agricultural sectors combined.

Yet if all gold disappeared tomorrow, would the human race go extinct? I hope the panic spreads. The more the price goes down the more Main Street can afford to buy. I was so happy to see the downward move this morning. I get more and more excited everytime it moves down. This is life changing stuff, generational wealth changing technology and people are selling it because it's down on a correction? SwissView RobertBizzarro.

Even the entire Community is stepping back and selling today. Iceberg12 SwissView.

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View the profiles of people named Jo Btc. Join Facebook to connect with Jo Btc and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and. TradingView. Sign In. Ticker Trading Comment: I'll save the haters the trouble, "btc_joe you have been wrong about litecoin for a year, why you post this shit" again, its just a chart, with information about price action, maybe that information tells you something or maybe it doesn't. Agree with you, manipulation of the first order, some are blinded thinking this is just plain market cycle, it is deliberately assisted market cycle. Tags:Review bitcoin trading system, Tradingview btc icx, Demo wallet bitcoin, How to set up a bitcoin trading business, What are the bitcoin trading hours

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