Qkc btc tradingview

QuarkChain (QRC) is the native utility token of the QuarkChain Network. It is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard and used to provide convenient and secure payments as an exchange unit between . Bonjour à tous, petite analyse expliqué pour QKC face au BTC. QKC évolué dans un range weekly depuis jours avant un très fort breakout avec très jolie volume qui peut me faire penser que la . TradingView India. Right Its Look like that its holding Trend line support Area. With the help of S&R We have find some targets and Stop loss Area I have Mention Support and resistance levels on Chart Note: This is only for Educational Purpose this is not an Investment advice. Please support the setup with your likes, comments and by following on Trading View.

Qkc btc tradingview

QKCBTC Charts and Quotes — TradingView — India

QKC is still in an uptrend and I think it will pump strongly over the next few days. The target is for the sts and even sts in September. However, there is still a good chance that QKC will return to the sts zone and this is a good buy zone to consider buying.

Buy the retest. I am going to explain key points below and after that you can easily decide the trend. Monthly Resistance was rejected on 1st test at sats. Candles also got rejected at T2, Which was a trend line resistance. Upper Trend Line has been tested 5 times.

Observe closely. I have Of course, if you can do it. The feedback from REAL people is priceless! This post does not provide financial advice. It is for Like Comment Thanks. Keep Eyes on QKC. Hello, traders. This asset is a little complex to analyze, with a lot of divergent information, for Elliot This is a quick short-term update on Bitcoin. The price is close to the 4H MA50 and so far it has held three times on respective Higher Lows attempts.

This is causing BTC to consolidate within a Triangle. Triangle's are common within the dominant medium-term pattern, which since late October is a Bullish Megaphone and I have analyzed this extensively numerous The weekly BTC consolidation continues to deplete market participants.

During the last attack of sellers, the price could only touch this range. As a result, buyers have formed a new local trend line. The price of BTC continues to remain between critical points. Buyers are Looking like alts could be testing ATH sometime soon. Left Picture is money coming into alts and right is BTC. We have a stable ascending channel in which BTC is trading and all bearish signals that we saw back on Dec. Hello, dear subscribers!

It is broadly known, that the Ripple has very negative fundamental analysis according to the last news. The price immediately reacted with a huge dump. On the right chart we can see two global support lines. The price have already broken down the support 1 level but Trading suggestion:. Triangle's are common within the dominant medium-term pattern, which since late October is a Bullish Megaphone and I have analyzed this extensively numerous Hi, Welcome to this analysis about Bitcoin, we are looking at the minute timeframe perspective.

Since Bitcoin formed this significant bull-trap yesterday after moving above the level and pulling back to previous zones with an emerging impulse it is forming an interesting formation now that will be the determining source within the upcoming times, BTC is facing resistance along the 0.

Bitcoin hitting top bolinger on 15 min. Also resistance level with many highs on 4hr. Take most of profits here. Most likely will decline back to 35 ema.

I'm waiting that price can continue uptrend. We can open long position as soon as BTC will break nearest resistance. Next resistance It was developed by our experts for intraday trading purposes. What does this Videos only. Will History Repeat itself?

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TradingView. ID. TradingView. Masuk. Ticker Ide-Ide Trading Ide Edukasi Skrip Orang. QKC terlihat keluar dari zona bearish dan mencoba untuk membuat pattern bullish yang bagus mudah mudahhan Terjadi QKC/BTC . QKC looks strong and we can expect new highs for QKC. QKC can fully increase to sts or even sts in this rally. And this is the main trend If you want to join this party, you can wait to buy it at sts Holding a coin that has risen too high also has a lot of risks, so you should always prepare a stop loss if it falls below 60sts. #Defi is the new buzz and QKC is a defi coin. FA: * Five Defi Products * 30 September: Mainnet Upgrade * 31 December: Staking with Defi TA: * About to form a cup and handle formation. * Handle retraced to fib. * StockRSI bottomed on 1D. * MACD is turning bullish on 4HR. Tags:Family btc strategy, Bitcoin system flowchart, Professional bitcoin trader, Bitcoin gold btc market, Btc markets limit increase

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